Real Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing is all the rage these days. Simply put, it is a marketing strategy, primarily social media driven, where companies show ads and reactions to current events. Companies believe if they insert themselves into a popular news story their brand with receive the attention they want. This isn’t necessarily true. Real time or live marketing won’t work for all companies. Many would be disappointed to know their attempts are inappropriate and ineffective. Simply pushing your brand into the conversation won’t make it memorable. 


These are some tips to help navigate real time marketing: 

1)  Start small. Don’t expect one real time tweet or Facebook post will catapult your brand in the right direction. Start with multiple, small marketing initiatives on a regular basis. This shows your audience they can expect timely, relevant posts from your brand. 

2) Don’t force it. Your posts should incorporate your brand in a relevant nature. The theme of the ad should relate the brand to the real time activity. Consumers will reject the ad, as well as the product, if they recognize the post as forced. 

3) Understand the tone. Companies should understand the tone of the conversation associated with the news. You want your posts to be appropriate, and fit it with consumers natural conversations on the subject. 


As for examples I’m going to highlight the royal pregnancy announcement. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced Monday, September 8th, that they are expecting baby number two. Even outside the UK, the royal family is always a heightened topic of conversation. Many companies acted fast to get on the #RoyalBabyBandwagon

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.18.21 PM

Nissan was the first to react to the news. The UK team posted this tweet a mere 7 minutes after the official announcement. Their ad was creative, and appropriately related Nissan to the announcement. 


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.16.37 PM


Dreft, a baby laundry detergent, also responded to the announcement. Their brand more closely related to the royal baby, obviously, but the ad was cute, and has received good feedback online. 


Real-time marketing can be powerful, if used correctly. Make sure to use appropriate tone and theme for a creative marketing reaction. 



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