Denny’s: The Best Brand on Tumblr


Tumblr is a blogging and social media outlet frequented by millennials. Most know it as a creative webspace featuring pictures, text, and video. Denny’s, a 60 year old American chain restaurant, found a way to use this platform to create a wildly successful content marketing campaign. Denny’s Tumblr entertains its audience with hilarious pictures, gifs and text posts. They successfully integrated themselves into the tumblr “community” by speaking the language of the consumer.


The Key to Denny’s success on Tumblr is its focus on the user. Their purpose is to entertain, not directly sell. They indirectly invite followers to come into a Denny’s restaurant by offering fun and mouth-watering food. Dennys understood most Tumblr users may not consider the restaurant when choosing somewhere to eat. To combat this, they publish content for all Tumblr users, even (and especially) those who aren’t Dennys lovers. They knew the language of tumblr is mostly funny, sarcastic and often sassy, which is why traditional brands may consider some of Denny’s posts to be unprofessional (like this one below).


The brand also uses the platform correctly. Users never feel annoyed or forced to view Denny’s content, and oftentimes they are seeking out Denny’s blog. They understand brands can’t just throw money at social media platforms and hope it attracts new customers. They have broken through hostility most millennial harbor against corporate advertisement, and gained a new generation of brand loyalty. Followers are engaged and feel like they are part of the joke. The brand also exists as a normal Tumblr user by responding to questions, publishing user submissions and following their tumblr fans. Most of their posts get hundreds, an often, thousands of reblogs. Check out their blog here. You’re sure to be hungrier and happier.


Brands That “Get” Social Media: A Closer Look at Denny’s on Tumblr

Akhtar, Omar.


2 thoughts on “Denny’s: The Best Brand on Tumblr

  1. Jennifer says:

    I never expected Denny’s to be a company to create content like this, I feel like most people think of the restaurant having a target market of an older generation not using tumblr. I’m not sure any of the content they create is useful, but it definitely serves the purpose of entertainment and in a way rejuvenating the brand’s image.


  2. Taylor Marshall says:

    Really like this post. There are companies (could literally be anyone) that need to pay attention to what our generation, the Millennials, like and respond to. I feel like we have seen many companies try hard to connect but often fail. It’s honestly tough from their perspective because their leaders are much older and frankly out of the loop (when it comes to what you want). So it’s hard. But whatever Denny’s is doing, they’re doing it well. It seems like their content is goofy, sarcastic, and random to most not in this generation. But it’s what we like, so wise up all you companies looking to get our loyalty!


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