Alex From Target

Last Sunday, Target employee, Alex, reached Internet stardom. Twitter user @auscalem posted a photo of the employee with the caption, “YOOOOOOOOOOO.” She later claimed it wasn’t here picture, she had only shared it. Regardless of its source, the picture of Alex went viral on Twitter, and eventually all social platforms. Within a day, the Twitter account “Official Alex from Target” reached over 346,000 followers.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.44.40 AM

The teenage heartthrob then got his own hasthag: #AlexFromTarget. Less than a day, Alex was a viral Internet sensation who had tweets, memes, and vines only about him. Millenials have created their own #AlexFromTarget fandom.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.49.22 AM

Huffington Post claims, “Alex From Target is the first cool thing to happen to Target in a long time.” Target has been facing trouble since its credit card hacks last year. Target reached out on Twitter tuesday by saying, “We heart Alex, too! #AlexFromTarget.” Target spokesperson, Molly Snyder, wrote, “Imagine our surprise yesterday when one of our Target team members managed to flood the Internet with imaged of red and khaki without even trying.”


Brands can’t plan viral outreach like this. Like most things on the Internet, popular content is decided by the users, not brands. Target has gotten lucky with this fame by association, and they were right to quickly respond. This shows why listening to the conversation surrounding your brand is crucial. Molly Snyder was correct, without even trying Target was bumped to the top of young consumer’s minds. Trends like these are time sensitive, though. This means, the subject will only be relevant for a short amour of time. Target responded quickly, the next day in fact. This allowed them to be part of the conversation, not just a responder to it.

Berman, Jillian. “Alex From Target is the First Cool Thing to Happen To Target In A Long Time.”


4 thoughts on “Alex From Target

  1. Melissa Gavin says:

    I saw this and this it is crazy how quickly something as silly as a picture of a target employee can go viral. To be able to reach twitter, huffington post, and a hastag with so many post so quickly shows the strength of social media and how much you can do with it. This is just a silly example that went viral but so much more could too.


  2. chelseabherr says:

    It is true that there’s only so much that a business can do to add hype or get attention (in a positive way) from their consumers. When something does work out, such as this Alex from Target fad, companies should jump on board and ride it out, and make the smart move as Target did by getting involved in the conversation. Target getting involved early on gives them room to play on it and potentially translate it into something of there own when the excitement does end.


  3. chelseayearous says:

    This whole #AlexFromTarget thing still blows my mind. It really is amazing how fast something can go viral on social media. It was very interesting to me how people began to speculate that Target set this up as a marketing ploy. Although brands have gotten pretty good at marketing in a subtle way, I don’t think anyone could predict that a picture like this could go viral.


  4. Chelsea Koch says:

    I think its crazy how just one little photo can be the game changer for a struggling business. I’m happy to hear that target decided to play into the conversation surrounding it’s brand and I’m curious to see if they will use this as a wake up call and start creating more excitement or buzz.


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