Top 5 Things My Digital Media Emphasis Taught Me

As I am getting closer to graduating from the University of Georgia, I am reflecting on the most significant things I’ve learned. I am a marketing major  with an emphasis in digital marketing, this includes social media and website analytics. I am one of the first in the country to include this on my degree. This is a comprehensive list of what I consider the most important things I’ve learned this semester.

1. Listen. The most important thing brands can do is listen to what their audience is saying. This includes listening to consumers and potential consumers. Social media can make this task easier than ever before. Brands can hear exactly what consumers are saying.

2. Content is Still King. Once brands listen to what their consumers want to hear, they can then produce content consumers will be interested in. The most important thing to remember about content marketing is not to push product. Your content should solve/entertain/simplify customer needs. This can be done in the form of a company blog or website.

3. You’ve Got to Pay to Play. Even if you are producing quality content that will perk the ears of consumers, that doesn’t always mean what you say will reach them. Social networking sites offer promoted or sponsored posts or accounts. These sites, especially Facebook, makes it so that if you do not pay to promote your information, it won’t be seen.

4. Track Everything. Google analytics: learn it and implement it. This program can allow you to learn where your traffic is coming from, what they are doing, who they are, and how long they stay on each page. Basically, lets you know who/what/when about your website. In addition, and advertisements or promoted content can be tracked, this also gives valuable data on how successful social marketing is. You can track links for free using Google URL builder.

5. Digital is only a Piece of the Puzzle. Marketing for any company begins with goals and strategies. The entire campaign/marketing should have goals and social platforms are a few of many ways the brand can accomplish these goals. Company goals should not include “x# of Facebook likes, or x# of reteweets.” Your social platforms can help you get there, but are not the entire solution.

All this I learned from my wonderful professor Jennifer Osbon. See her website here and follow her on twitter here.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things My Digital Media Emphasis Taught Me

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great post! I feel these 5 points pretty much sum up my first semester in the digital marketing program. We are blessed with the opportunity to learn from professors who have proven success in the industry, like Professor Osbon. I can’t wait to see where the program is in the coming years, and I know I will remember these 5 key lessons for the rest of my career!


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