College Survival Gift Basket

My sister’s 19th birthday was this past weekend and since she’s about to leave for college, I decided to make her a “college survival basket.” I just graduated so I tried to think back to “important” things generally left off a packing list for a dorm.


Here is what I included:

  • College Staples: Microwaveable Ramen, Mac & Cheese, and Nutella. These are her favorite easy snacks.
  • School Supplies: My sister cannot stand school supply shopping, but it makes my heart sing, so I did it for her (which she appreciated 😉 – This included, cute spiral notebooks, a folder, pens, pencils and highlighters. I never needed more than that through University.
  • Calendar: To hang on her dorm wall and keep track of important dates. I found her one of cats doing yoga… two of her favorite things.
  • Planner: Small and simple.. from the dollar section at Target to keep track of assignments and tests.
  • Christmas Lights: Although most schools ask you not to bring these.. I love them for soft lighting in a dorm, so she’s taking them!
  • Pack of Cards: Dorms don’t offer a lot of space for beer pong, so drinking games with cards is more feasible!
  • Flask: for obvious reasons
  • Laundry Detergent: Not a huge pack, but enough so her first thoughts in the dorm don’t have to be about grocery shopping, or leaving her stranded after realizing any detergent a University leaves for free would suck!
  • Travel Coffee Mug: She has a grand idea of going to get breakfast every day before morning classes.. this is for the more realistic days when all she can manage is to pull her self out of bed 5 minutes before class and make a cup of coffee to go 🙂 Also, its got a rainbow cat on it wearing a tiara, so it’s perfect.
  • Pictures: I printed pictures from her graduation of the two of us, as well as a ton of shots of her dog, Drake. I framed one, so she can always see her pup at school.
  • Eye Mask: This was an obvious choice for me, and she will appreciate being able to keep sleeping even if her roommate has 8 ams!
  • Selfie Stick: Because they’re actually the most fun ever.
  • Storage Bin: The easiest way to present this give is in a storage tote. She only has shelving instead of a closet, so this will let her have another “drawer.”

This gift is perfect for high school graduation, birthdays, or care packages for our freshman going off to school. My sister loved hers because of the personal touches, but she will soon see how much she appreciates the practicality as well!


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