Burghley Dressage Day Two

Burghley Horse Trials

Dressage Day Two

4 September, 2015

Again on day two Mom and I were up at on the show grounds to get good seats for the first batch of riders. The very first rider Beanie Sturgis managed to keep her spunky gelding under control despite the chilly morning breeze. In her interview following the dressage she barely kept her reigns as Lebowski twisted and bopped around nearly unseating her on the way out of the main arena. “He’s 15 and he still bucks me off,” she said between laughs.


Beanie Sturgis on Lebowski 

The second rider of the day was the infamous Mark Todd riding Leonidas II. He had a predictably lovely ride scoring a 41.7  He seemed please with his test and added, “I don’t think this will be a dressage competition,” reminding the audience of the monster that is Burghley CCI4* cross country tomorrow.


Mark Todd on Leonidas II

Riding for Great Britian, Nana Dalton rode a beautiful grey “wonder horse” named Elite Syncopation. I give him this nickname because I found out today that this horse has had 5 different operations, including one for breaking his withers! Best of luck to both of them tomorrow.


Nana Dalton on Elite Syncopation

US crowd favorite Lainey Ashker was fifth to go in the Burghley dressage today on her own Anthony Patch. She may have looked very European with her top hat today, but she showed her American pride by sporting a stars and strips hair bow. Very fashionable and patriotic, Lainey! She had a very nice test, but unfortunately Al wanted to show off some Tempi changes as he swapped more than once giving the judges some unwarranted movements. Otherwise, the test looked very fluid. She scored a 48.8. The announcer started her interview by saying, “OMG Lainey you’re here” – very appropriate. Absolutely can not wait to see #InternationalAl and our own native selfie queen on the cross country tomorrow.

image image image image image

Lainey Ashker on Anthony Patch

Following the end of the lunch break the grandstands filled up quickly in anticipation of William Fox Pitt riding Fernhill Pimms. Like always, WFP gave the crowd a very nice test racking up a lot of 8’s. He unfortunately scored a 4 on one of his changes, but it made no matter as they announced he provisionally scored a 34.3. The crown burst into applause as the home turf favorite would them be seated in second place behind Michael Jung. Only a few moments later though, the announcer reported that the provisional score was incorrect and William actually had scored a 34.3 – tying the lead for first place. Naturally, the crowd went wild and now the pressure is on for both William and Michael to finish clear and fast tomorrow.

image image

William Fox Pitt on Fernhill Pimms
Our last American rider Colleen Rutledge rode her test in the afternoon. After her 11th place finish with this horse at Rolex this spring, I was so excited to see her in the ring  at Burghley. She had a lovely ride and became the highest placed US rider on a score of 46.6. She dazzled the judges off the bat earning a 9 on entry and her first halt! I can’t wait to see her off tomorrow!

image image image

Colleen Rutledge on Covert Rights
Later in the afternoon Michael Jung rode his Olympic Gold winning mount La Biosthetique Sam FBW. Though lovely, he was scoring just over all a bit lower than on his mare yesterday – consistent 7’s in the beginning. This gave Sam an uncharacteristic score of 39.2, which tied him for 7th place on this mount. Unphased, Michael claimed his test had a few bobbles, but that he was looking forward to the XC tomorrow.

Overall I think our American girls really put it all out there today. I think all three of them will have wonderful rides tomorrow – and best of luck to them!

Colleen Rutledge on Covert Rights; 46.5; 27th place

Lynn Symansky on Donner; 47.7; 33rd place

Lainey Ashker on Anthony Patch; 48.8; 35th place

My own personal stoy for today is that after I told someone that I was from Georgia, USA, they asked me if “it was actually illegal to eat fried chicken with a fork in Georgia.” #FingerLickingGood. Otherwise, today was downright cold (hats and gloves cold) so I’m hoping for a little more sunshine tomorrow!!


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