Comporta, Portugal

It was a crazy day of travel for the whole group as we tried to meet each other in Lisbon. I’m traveling from London to Lisbon, Portugal to meet up with my cousin Claire, her friend Christina (they have been backpacking around the world since May), and my Aunt Lou. I missed my first flight in an unsuccessful effort to travel between the terminals. Claire lost her phone getting off the plane (and luckily got it back!). Christina seemed to get there alright. My poor Aunt Lou had the most trouble. Her flight from Atlanta was delayed, so she missed her connecting flight to Lisbon. She finally made it to Portugal to find out that her luggage did not. Thankfully it was found and will apparently be delivered to her when we return to Lisbon on Monday. Because of her delay we explored the Lisbon subway system called the metro and visited a food market with these restaurant booths that all looked so good. It was a super cute place. We also browsed around some shops nearby.



After crazy directions to get from Lisbon to the beach town of Comporta, we finally made it to our place around 11. It only took us five minutes to get settled and lock ourselves out! All of our belongings were in the house but thankfully the neighbors were awake and spoke English. They got us in touch with the landlord who let us back in. It was an eventful day to say the least.

On our first full day in Comporta we started by heading to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful. Perfect white sand and a view of some mountains across the water. It is the most perfect beach I’ve been to! We had mojitos and sat on some chairs/hammocks/and bean bags and enjoyed the view. Then we ate lunch at a recommended spot called Ilha do Arroz on the beach. It was delicious. We got a few different starters and meals and shared them all. We also went to dinner at another Arroz restaurant and visited two Arroz shops, so we’re convinced they own this town.




For the afternoon we decided to go browse the stores downtown. This city definitely stays true to their afternoon siesta because when we got there everything was closed. We were able to get some coffee and hang out for a bit until they opened. The same happened at lunch when we got there to find out their lunch didn’t open until 1:30. The stores were adorable and we had fun walking around.

The next morning we took advantage of our patio and had a few coffees out there and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We went to Pego, another beach nearby for lunch after. We have quickly adapted to the lifestyle around here. We are relaxing, sharing large family style lunch, having afternoon siestas and just generally having a laid back time in Comporta. This evening we walked around the area near our house, which isn’t very populated so we got to see local houses and scenery. We also took a sunset walk on the beach. It has been perfect.

Today we are heading back to spend some time in Lisbon


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