Last Hack at Ashland Farm


Today Justin and I had our last hack around Ashland Farm. I have been so blessed (spoiled) to keep horses at this amazing farm. Despite the rain/misty weather, we took a long hack around the farm.. one of my favorite things to do. Tomorrow I move to Virginia, and in two weeks I’ll come back to drive Justin up to Middleburg. I have missed him a lot between all my traveling this fall, but I still will feel lonely without my pony for two weeks! I hope Justin is ready for a change of scenery and colder weather! I am very excited to start my new job and live in the heart of Eventing, but it is a little bittersweet. I was able to spend this summer boarding at the same barn with my Mom. This meant I always had someone to hack out with, or to check on my horse if I was out of town. She even rode Justin a few times for me. I will miss my whole family, but Ashland Farm has always been a special place for me and my Mom. I also know Justin will miss his best friend and pasture-mate, Sky. Justin has lived with a couple other horses, but I haven’t seen him ever be as nice as he is to Sky. I hope he finds a pasture-mate he gets along with like this in Virginia!


It was a little too cold to swim today buddy, but we had so much fun in this lake during the summer!



Justin always loves to go down to the “bog.” It was especially muddy today.


Hard to tell, but this is a Mule who came to “Ride A Test” with Sandy Osborn today.. Justin was enamored

imageJustin has two more weeks to enjoy Ashland and his buddy sky. On October 17th he will make the trek to Area II!


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