Here’s the sunrise on day five of our snow imprisonment. It made me feel pretty optimistic. Is it possible we could get out today?


View from my room. 

Our entire driveway has been under 2-3 feet of snow, and even more in places with the drifts. We’ve crafted pathways from the house to the barn and from the barn to each of the paddocks, so travel around is possible now, which is a huge improvement from Saturday.

The USEA closed the office on Friday due to the impending snowfall, so I spent the day pacing around and bracing myself for the blizzard. I thought I had prepared well; I had plenty of groceries, including those that wouldn’t not need cooking in case of power outages. I had gallon water in case we lost running water too. Kate and I put multiple bales of hay in Justin and Duchess’ shed in case we couldn’t reach them in the blizzard. And lastly I had plenty of alcohol.

Justin (1 of 1)

“Mom is this really happening?” – Also the last time we saw the ground in there. 

Snow started at noon on Friday. Justin knew something was coming, but I don’t think he had any idea it would be like this. He was definitely on edge as he kept pricking his ears up at every sound in the woods and then trotting a circle, and repeating these actions all morning. Once the snow started he looked at me as if to say, “Did you SERIOUSLY move me to this!?”

By end of day Friday it wasn’t bad, we had a few inches, but Saturday morning it got real. I woke up to a text from Katie Call that said, “Whatever you do this morning, do not look outside!” Obviously that was the first thing I did. My unpreparedness was then obvious, emotional unpreparedness that is. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of snow that was coming for the farm!

Snow Day  (117 of 164)

The snow was belly-deep for Justin. 

Justin fared very well in the storm. Naturally I was super worried about him, but he and Duchess camped out in the shed during the worst of the snowfall. The snow just never slowed down on Saturday, and despite dropping bales and bales of hay in Justin’s shed, he was starting to run low. This resulted in me loading an entire bale of hay on a plastic shed and pushing it through knee/waist deep snow uphill to their shed. All I can say is that pony better be appreciative of my love/pity for him. I repeated this process three times this weekend, so I feel confident that at least I got a good work out.

Saturday night, still in the thick of it, I decided to feed them near the water, to encourage them to drink (I hadn’t seen any tracks that way yet). Justin ran up to me, ate his food, knocked his food in the snow, then ate a snowy feed mixture. Once he finished he had a nice long drink of water and I was hugely relived.

By Sunday it finally stopped snowing (hallelujah) and the sun was shining. We shoveled paths around the farm, but for the most part the snow was still a complete hassle to navigate.

Snow Day  (96 of 164)

Justin had fun rolling in the snow. 

On Monday the office was closed as many roads still weren’t plowed or passable. I think this is when all of us at the farm really started to get a little crazy. Even with company, there are only so many shows to watch, chapters to read, or patterns to knit.

Tuesday the office was again closed, I know many roads had by this point been plowed, but some were still only manageable by 4WD vehicles. Our driveway was still buried. Katy and I, clearly desperate or delirious, decide to walk trek the incredibly long distance up the driveway to see if Furr Road had been plowed – it had. We were both elated, but disappointed because the drive was still impassable. She called up some friends who came, picked us up, and took us into town. The amount of excitement I got from a trip to Harris Teeter is embarrassing, but it boosted morale for the both of us! So, my beautiful sunrise on Tuesday morning was an optimistic sign that I would get off the property for a bit.

It’s now Wednesday. The office re-opened, but because our driveway still isn’t plowed I am thankfully being allowed to work from home! I have been told that a plow will be coming up our drive today, so fingers crossed xx.

Update Wednesday 1/28: My drive was plowed yesterday! We are finally able to drive off the farm, and I’m finally in the office again after a whole week.

Snow Day  (121 of 164)


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  1. netochkanesvanova says:

    I have been complaining about the relentless wind and rain her in the UK but it is nothing like the challenge you’ve been facing. It isn’t nearly as beautiful either though! I am in the process of trying to set up links to my favourite blogs on the sidebar of my new site at When I moved to self hosting I lost the Blogroll feature, so I’m trying to create my own. I follow both your blog and Charley’s Angel Eventing so hopefully the links will work. I thought self hosting would be better but I don’t feel as connected as I used to with my site!

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