Tallyho-s and Jumper Shows

I had too much fun with horses this weekend! From hunting Saturday to playing in jumperland Saturday – it was a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Friday I ventured up to Pennsylvania to visit my long-time friend Katie Call!!! It, as always, is so good to see her, especially now that we live closer to one another. When I got there Friday she took me to see the new puppies at Radnor Hunt and I’m in love they’re soooooo cute. I want 80 of them. Then Katie, her boyfriend Johnny, her friend Gina and I headed to dinner (Where I got a buffalo chicken wrap for the second time this week. I have a problem).

Saturday it was up-and-at’em to go hunting! I hadn’t been in a very long time, so I was so thrilled to have a chance at it before this season ended. I rode a beautiful draft cross named Brooke who is owned by Collin McNeil. She was absolutely perfect and made my trip that much more fun!


Brooke looking adorable.

Because of the uncharacteristic warm weather, hunting has been hit or miss lately. Fortunately I know nothing about hunting, so as long as we were running and jumping it seemed like a perfect day to me! Katie, Reb and I went out in the first flight and had a terrific time following the red coats around.


Reb on Sweetie and Katie on Ryan.


Me pretending I know what I’m doing. Katie Call Photo.



We were out for about two hours and went around some beautiful country. A tremendous thank you to Collin McNeil for letting me borrow Brooke for the day and to Radnor Hunt for letting me come along for the ride!

Sunday I decided to take Justin to the LTD Jumper Show at Morven Park. I was hesitant to go because of the potential rain, and because he hadn’t been ridden in two days… but my eagerness to show again won that round and off we went! It was a super afternoon and I even met up with @cluelessbutcuriousrider and @Hellomylivia. They also had many impressive rides, and were so fun to spend the show with, so I hope we catch another jumper show together again soon!


Justin and Gracie waiting patiently.

Justin was an absolute super pony! He has impressed me so much recently with his level-headedness and rideability. Knock on wood, but this pony seems to want to get out as much as I do.

We did a quick flat warm up in the grass, where super pony dazzled me again with a flying change and…. no bucking! #progress. Justin and I did one round in the low jumpers. We went clear in the round and in the jump off. Good pon! He even got third in that class thanks to @cluelessbutcuriousrider teaching me the jump off course! hehe… We still have a lot of aversion to that right lead, but we’ll get there (probably in a cross-canter) one day.

We finished the day with a 3’3″ course to prep for our first three phase at Loch Moy next weekend. Again, he was awesome! We took one rail when I let him get a bit strung out after the one stride, but he took all the jumper turns well and without getting too tense. My goal was to leave the show with a more confident horse and I definitely think I achieved that. I would like to get an even more relaxed round next weekend and, of course, I would like to leave all the sticks up. Thanks to @cluelessbutcuriousrider’s boyfriend for the video!

Since my seemingly perfect weekend couldn’t be all good, I had a flat tire on the way home from the show. Fortunately this wasn’t my first rodeo, and I got that sucker changed in record time! #girlpower


Sad tire.


It’s a hard life being a tire on my rig…

Here’s to the upcoming rainy week!






9 thoughts on “Tallyho-s and Jumper Shows

  1. the clueless but curious rider says:

    I’m so glad you had fun at the show! You’re going to rock Loch Moy next week 🙂

    2 things: 1) I love fox hunting, but don’t have easy access to a hunt (or horse really, Gracie doesn’t hunt) and if you ever need a buddy, I’m always available, just need a horse lol and 2) please teach me how to change a tire sometime! Bonus points if it’s on a trailer! It’s on my bucket list of things I need to learn in my 20s (while they last haha)


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