Carolina International CIC3*

Wow! Last week was almost entirely a blur now that I’m home from being in North Carolina for nearly a week for Carolina International. Carolina offered CIC3* and Advanced divisions as a qualifier for the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series, so I went along with our editor, Leslie Mintz, to provide complete coverage of the event.

It was my first time doing event coverage and it was a really great learning experience. I managed the social media through the weekend, wrote press releases and practiced taking photos. Photography is still my weak point, but I hope I can figure it out a bit better before the USEA cuts me loose to cover The Fork H.T. alone next week!

Allison Springer was the big winner of the weekend on her long-time partner Arthur. She was in a crazy three-way tie after the dressage with Maya Black and Emily Beshear #GirlPower. I was so happy to see Allison and Arthur do well. They’ve historically been super successful in the dressage phase, but Arthur is so spooky they’ve had a lot of heartbreaking stops and falls. To see them get around both jump phases clean was really awesome!

The course, designed by Ian Stark, was big and filled with “Rider frighteners” a.k.a. the big ass trakehner at the second water complex. I could seriously walk under that thing without ducking the ditch was that deep. As expected though, the horses were mostly un-phased. Some jumped it a bit funny, but it didn’t cause any problems on Saturday.


Overall it was a great weekend, albeit a little long. There were 78 starters in the three-star so the competition was huge and intense. Kudos to Cloud 11 –Gavilan North for putting on an excellent event! And to Platinum performance for sponsoring the media tent!

Next Wednesday I head to The Fork Advanced and CIC3* to do it all over again.. #pray4me

If you just can’t live another second without knowing all the details about the event, here’s my coverage: Carolina International

Any equine photographers out there – What do you shoot with? I’m still very green with photos, so any tips are welcomed! I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and 70-200mm lens.

Here’s a collection of a few photos of the weekend…


Libby Head and Sir Rockstar CIC3*



So I hate that the angle I could get this features a bright blue portapotty, but I loved seeing Allison’s celebration!


Lynn & her new horse, Coolio CIC2*


My friend Brigitte, and Harper after their CIC1* dressage! #MoreScratchesPls


Lynn’s mom’s dog – Dean and Sinead’s ride Grey Area


Dean aka the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


Buck jumping the wrong part of the corner *red on right*

I feel a tiny bit bad for posting these, but I always WISH I had a photographer around every time I fell off! Rider just seemed to get the spot wrong. The horse was super honest and jumped anyway, which unseated the rider. Too bad :/ CIC2* Eliza Farren and Cooley Dawn Raid.

I’d also like to point out the horse didn’t take the rail… seriously how.