Pony Goes to Boot Camp


I am covering an event in Atlanta this weekend, and since I’m from the ATL area, I decided to take a few days off to see my family. Straight from this trip, I’m headed to Rolex Kentucy CCI4*. This added up to me being gone for two weeks, and I did not want pony to sit that long and loose the fitness we’ve worked on, so I enrolled him in Boot Camp. He’s with my dressage trainer, Allison Spivey, so maybe he’ll be a DQ when I get back ;).

I dropped him off Monday night, and flew home Tuesday. I promised my boyfriend I would wait until 5 pm on Tuesday to text Allison for a day one update. I made it until 4, but he had a great day one progress report.

Allison’s working student is a good friend of mine, and another friend keeps her horse at Allison’s farm, so I have three people I trust with Justin, but I still worry. I thought I would be completely distracted being away from him, but I haven’t – mostly! I pour so much of my time, energy, money, etc. into Justin, so I am (understandably?) always thinking/worrying about him!

I know he’s receiving top-notch care at an immaculate barn with a fabulous trainer. I am enjoying seeing my parents, and I even hopped a ride on my first competition horse, Ginger. She showed me how much she missed me with a some light rearing, while I was bareback 😉 Good girl Gingy, always keeping me on my toes.


A Great Day 3 Update!

Have any of you enrolled your ponies in a training program while you’re out of town? How did you manage to stop worrying about them?


7 thoughts on “Pony Goes to Boot Camp

  1. emma says:

    oooh i hope he has a blast in bootcamp and comes back ready to take on the sand box with renewed vigor at your next event! in the meantime enjoy your trips 😀


  2. aHorseForElinor says:

    I always worry.
    Good for you to send him!
    And good for you to worry about him! You’re always going to be the number one looking out for him – just the way it works!
    Hope he comes home with lots of new skills!


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