T – 2 Days

I am TWO DAYS out from Virginia Horse Trials aka Justin's first Prelim, and I'm oddly calm. Last week, I mentioned that Justin had become extremely rank in our cross-country school. Thinking his pony brain may have been fried from his increased workload lately. I did as I planned, and let him have a day … Continue reading T – 2 Days

Two Shoes To The Wind

Last weekend I took Justin up to Plantation Field for our last horse trail at training level. He was fabulous, and since I have zero media from last weekend, I’ll summarize: Much more impulsion/engagement in the dressage I forgot my test, because dressage is hard (P.S. I skipped a stretch circle) (P.P.S. I’ve made that … Continue reading Two Shoes To The Wind


Last week I had my one year “Ownerversary” with Justin – despite us being a partnership for so long, I only actually purchased him a year ago - so what better time to reflect on our time together? Let’s start from the beginning… September 2012 - I was a sophomore in college, and had spent the … Continue reading Reflecting