Time to Upgrade

So on show jumping day at Virginia Horse Trials, the zipper on my tall boots finally gave in and got completely jammed. I could not zip it down any further than the top of the ankle. In a panic I finally shoved my foot in. This allowed me to show jump, even  with only five minutes of warm up, but my zipper completely popped.

I knew I needed to get new tall boots. These were Tredsteps I had for over two years… they gave me enough life for the cost, and replacing the zipper didn’t make sense financially since I buy low-end boots anyway.

I loved these Tredsteps, but recently figured out how I could order Ariat merchandise through work at wholesale price, so considering I was price-sensitive enough to ride in broken boots for three weeks, I knew I had to make the switch.

Seeing as though I could get tall boots for half price, I did the only logical thing – I bought two pairs. Two for the price of one! It makes sense – this way I can actually finally have a schooling pair and a show pair. I can practically be a real horseback rider now.

Seeing a post from Karen at Patently Bay wearing brown boots finally pushed me over the edge to get some myself, so now I have two lovely pairs of tall boots – a black and a brown!

I also got talls… seeing as though I’m 5’9″ I’m surprised I haven’t gotten “tall” tall boots before, but I think when the drop a bit I think the length will make them look really elegant – I’m also hoping these help me to miraculously ride better. hehe

I wore the brown ones to ride yesterday, and I can’t wait for them to break in! Love them already!

What kind of tall boots do you prefer? And if you have any tips for quickly breaking them in – I would love to hear them!! 


12 thoughts on “Time to Upgrade

  1. hellomylivia says:

    Love the brown!!! Those are so gorgeous. I have a brown and a black pair too for schooling/showing, but mine are mountain horse. I wish I had good break in advice, but I just did a couple short flat rides in mine and they softened right up!


  2. carey says:

    I love brown boots. I have the Ariat Contour in brown, and they too a while to break in. The best thing I did was to get them wet while I was wearing them. Either in the tub or with the hose. Mine were TIGHT around my foot, so i mostly just wet that area. Then wore them until they were dry. I did it a couple times and I could feel a difference each time.


  3. nadsnovik says:

    BEAUTIFUL boots! I have Mountain Horse boots. They do the job and so far I’m happy with them.. As far as breaking boots in… I think wearing the same socks helps… When I put on a pair of the really thin tall socks I immediately get blisters…


  4. emma says:

    those are gorgeous! i am, *ahem*, fairly price sensitive too but bit the bullet and bought an inexpensive but cute pair of brown boots for schooling a couple years ago. and have NEVER looked back. sure, the tredsteps are fine for shows and dressage or whatever, but the brown is my favorite!!!


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