This seems to be a recurring theme of the horse world for the moment - although most people have just done some big show and rightfully earned some downtime. Justin and I have not, but we'll take it anyway. Due to sweltering heat, semi-violent thunderstorms and general lack of motivation, Justin and I have been … Continue reading Downtime


Tik Maynard Clinic

Two weeks ago (I know my blog is very timely) I got the opportunity to participate in a Tik Maynard Clinic. For those who are unfamiliar, Tik is a sort of horse whisperer, and has a knack for being able to just "get" horses. I've known multiple people to have some sort of disconnect with … Continue reading Tik Maynard Clinic

Great Meadow

Last weekend was Great Meadow International, and it was so awesome to cover an event basically in my backyard. There's nothing better than working all day and getting to sleep in your own bed! This was the first FEI Eventing Nations Cup ever held outside of Europe, basically a BFD. Nations Cup events are different … Continue reading Great Meadow