Great Meadow

Last weekend was Great Meadow International, and it was so awesome to cover an event basically in my backyard. There’s nothing better than working all day and getting to sleep in your own bed!

This was the first FEI Eventing Nations Cup ever held outside of Europe, basically a BFD. Nations Cup events are different competitions that get a team format added. This can be really helpful for letting up-and-coming riders get their first team experience without all the pressure of something like the Pan Ams or the Olympics, or in the case of Team USA last weekend, it’s an opportunity for a team to learn to work together before they join up again to go to something significant like the Olympics next month!

USA, Canada and Great Britain secured teams, and the red, white and blue walked way with gold! The team was Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen, Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Fugitive, Lauren Kieffer and Meadowbrook’s Scarlett and Boyd Martin and Welcome Shadow.

Clark Montgomery also won individually – another BFD. Since he relocated to England a few years ago, he’s since won Blenheim CCI3* and been named to the US Eventing Olympic Team. He’s such a nice guy, and has worked very hard to get to where he is, so I’m thrilled to see him go to Rio. He’s also the only US rider who consistently gets a dressage score in the 30’s, so I want to see him give some other top riders a run for their money at the Olympics! Plus, have you seen his horse, Glen? Basically the most handsome creature ever. p.s. I am taking a lesson with him on Saturday! There will be a full report to follow 😀


Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen at the Land Rover Water

Besides recapping the whole event, I’ll just share pretty pictures, those are always more fun 🙂 If you want a play-by-play you can read all my write ups for work here.

I also want to give a shout out to Great Meadow – they hosted an incredible event. It’s evident that they  are trying really hard to bring this venue up to an international standard, and they also took phenomenal care of the media! Thanks, Great Meadow!


Clark and Glen with a double clear show jump round


I obviously can’t get enough of Glen ❤ 


Hannah Sue Burnett with two double clear show jump rounds on Saturday, which was also her birthday 🙂 


There was also a fist pump competition – Sharon White giving the crowd a good show. 


Big Phil showing everyone how it’s done, like usual


Boyd and Welcome Shadow


Will Coleman and Tight Lines


Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair aka “Cody” – so gutted to see them have a run out, and then report that they were withdrawing from consideration to be a traveling alternate for the Olympics 😦 


Lauren Kieffer


Emily Beshear and Shame on the Moon aka “Delta”


Lynn with Cascani – this could basically be a Land Rover ad. 



5 thoughts on “Great Meadow

  1. Emma says:

    Your pics are fabulous! I was there too and had a great time – it was a super event, very spectator friendly, but – beyond all – an impressive and inspiring showing by the horses and riders. Will definitely go back!!


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