This seems to be a recurring theme of the horse world for the moment – although most people have just done some big show and rightfully earned some downtime. Justin and I have not, but we’ll take it anyway.

Due to sweltering heat, semi-violent thunderstorms and general lack of motivation, Justin and I have been taking it easy for the last few days. I’m also going on vacation next week, and then I work travel for basically 14 days straight in August, so I’m not seeing a lot of potential in our upcoming show schedule.

courtney pic.jpg

Thanks Courtney for the photo!

I convinced Courtney to bring Berry over to the farm this week so we could hack out together and it was so much fun! Thunderstorms threatened to ruin our afternoon, but thankfully stayed away. As great as it is to have a basically unlimited amount of land to ride out on, it’s much more enjoyable when you have someone to ride with 🙂 Justin and Berry also have nearly identical stride length, so we’re pretty convinced that we have an unstoppable hunter pace duo on our hands.

I even convinced Courtney to take Berry over some natural fences – which they did perfectly on the first try! Berry even decided to be extra careful:

And it ended with a perfect sunset reminder that I live in the most beautiful place ever.

Pretty views after a fun ride with @aneqlife #equestrian #views

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Who else feels personally victimized by the current weather situation? 




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