The Struggle is Real

I travel a lot for work, and one of my absolute favorite things about coming home is getting to see Justin. Even if I arrive back late at night, I always head out to his pasture to get some snuggles in, which he tolerates. So, after being gone for two weeks, I could not wait to see my pony and get back in the saddle!


Photo by Alex Thomas.

First day back, I tacked up the white beast and out we went. Justin is an emotional creature, and takes it very seriously when I go out of town. Sometimes he will give me the
“silent treatment” aka wait for me to get near him in the pasture only to turn around really quickly to put his rump in my face… repeatedly. Sometimes he’s just grumpy. And every single time he tries to buck me off.

I have to give him a lot of credit, he tried reallyyyyyyyy hard this time, and I had no gloves, so he almost succeeded.


Thanks for not bucking me off

But I stayed on – yay! And that is the complete summary of all my rides for the last week.

In protest to my lengthy hiatus, Justin managed a small girth rub after this one ride. He was still lunged, much to his dismay, everyday while we let it heal. When the rub healed this weekend, Justin was kind enough to throw one front shoe and twist the other one off just enough so that he could step on the quarter clip.


Aren’t horses amazing, majestic and athletic creatures? So now I wait for the farrier, and for whatever other shenanigans Justin has up his sleeve. At least he keeps life interesting!


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