He Jumps!

So in my last post I mentioned Justin’s recent infatuation with self destruction to avoid riding, well I’ve finally been able to ride again.. and we jumped! yippee!


It obviously wasn’t ideal to jump right back into full work (hehe, puns), but life is hard, and with my schedule lately, any opportunities to ride, and especially to take lessons lessons, will be acted upon.

So, on Tuesday Justin and I went down to see Ashley and learn how to maneuver the painted poles. First, we started over a small vertical with two bounce cavaletti, one on take off and one on landing. This is an exercise that we introduced earlier this year, and it helps us tremendously. I tend to ride backwards, aka pull, to a fence if I don’t see a distance. This helps because 1. the fence is small, so it really doesn’t matter where our spot is, 2. the cavaletti give us exact take off and landing points, helping to better create our jump, and 3. since it does “create” a jump for us, regardless of our spot it’s a good practice opportunity to exaggerate the give in my hands. You can see it in the first clip of the video below.

After we did this both directions, we started incorporating a few courses and lines. I was pleasantly surprised that after not jumping for 3 weeks, I still retained some resemblance of ability.


I was also very thankful that Justin felt great, and seemed very eager to be jumping. I’m sure his poor pony bum was sore the next day, but we certainly enjoyed getting back out there! My friend Dana tagged along and was nice enough to take video, so I’ve included a couple clips:


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