It’s Fall Y’all

Yesterday, after a long and hot summer, I welcomed the Fall Equinox with open arms. Though I love the longer days, later sunsets and increased show opportunities of the summer, I just can’t do the heat anymore. Fortunately, Middleburg is finally starting to cool off and the next 10 days have highs in the 70’s.


It’s true I do love fall like any true basic white girl (pumpkin decorative lights were hung at my desk yesterday to celebrate the changing of the season), but that also means Winter is coming. I’m in full denial that I will have to get my clippers out in a few weeks, or that I’ll have to put the pristine and perfectly clean rugs back on my dirt-loving horse.

Snow Day  (121 of 164)

Winter is coming

The Fall season seems to wrap up quickly  here compared to Georgia, where the final event of the year is held over Thanksgiving weekend. So, we’ve been buckling down to have a few more fun outings in 2016. First up is Morven Park HT next weekend, and the goal is to have a boring and confidence-inspiring run! Morven is right across the street from my office, so I’m hoping to do some spectating on Friday and Saturday for the CIC3/2* divisions.


Our season-ender will be at Virginia Horse Trials. Though it’s a little farther away, I loved this event in May, and I’m excited to go back. It’s also the Area II Championship and an Adult Team Challenge, so we’re going to try to do both of those!


Justin being perfect at VHT this spring.

In between those two shows I’ll be traveling to Georgia to visit family, and I’ll also be working at Fair Hill for the big fall CCI3*. Justin and I will probably pop down to Morningside to do a schooling show too. Lots to look forward to this fall!

Looking forward toward the colder months, I’ve decided Justin and I will take it a little easier. Last year was my first winter this far North, and I was very dedicated to keeping him fit, but there’s only so much you can do on days when the high is in the 20’s. I don’t have access to an indoor arena, or even a lighted arena, so when daylight savings rears its ugly head, we’re kind of SOL. As fun as it is to ride in the dark with a headlamp attached to my helmet, I don’t think I’m quite as dedicated anymore.

This year both my flat and jump trainer are going South for the winter too, and although I’m very happy for them, that’s a lot of unsupervised time, so I’ve decided this will be the winter of hacking and having fun! We will pick it back up in the Spring and see how he feels and go from there.

What are your plans for the winter with your ponies? 


12 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’all

    • shelbyrallen says:

      Yes winter gets pretty rough pretty quick without an indoor! I was pretty willing to ride last winter without one, but the problem is that the ground freezes. I’m still at the point of enjoying cooler weather though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. nadsnovik says:

    Winter is tough! I’m with you- I love fall, but it’s also a bit depressing because Winter.Is.Coming.
    I’m hoping to do lots of work on myself and Georgie this winter. Exercises in suppleness and straightness and getting my elbows to move. Fun stuff. We do have an indoor, so it makes things a little easier…


  2. Emma says:

    The end of your season sounds like it’s gonna be super fun!!! By yea. Winter is coming. Le sigh. Two winters ago we were super dedicated and trailered out to indoors 2-3x per week. Last winter was so mild for so long (and I was crippled for most of it anyway) that it almost didn’t matter. This winter? Idk. We will have an indoor now but my guy is just getting started so it’ll be just basic foundation type riding.


  3. Jenn says:

    Like you, I don’t have regular access to an indoor, and can’t get to the barn until around 5pm, so when the time changes I’ll be relegated to riding on the weekends and on my Fridays off. Luckily, Roger gets regular rides twice a week from a barn mate, so at least he doesn’t sit for 5 days in a row! I adore the cooler weather, but I do not love DST :-/


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