Sometimes We Do Non-Horse Things

Since I haven’t really been riding lately, maybe one day I’ll do a post on what I’ve now filled my free time with. (Now I know all of you are confused – free time is apparently time not spent at work or the barn… average non-horse people enjoy it leisurely, I’ve heard. I know I’m scared too.) For now I’ll share how my friends got me to wear a dress and curl my hair. (Now I’m really scared).

This blog has led me to meet some great friends in the Northern Virginia area. We enjoy horse-related entertainment: polo, horse shows, races, etc. But sometimes we will trade in our breeches for dresses and do something that isn’t even slightly horse related.

Last weekend, D’Arcy, Courtney and I took on a Dia de los Muertos Gala at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, DC. As a person who actually doesn’t own any dresses, I was lucky in that Courtney basically set me up to be her live mannequin, dressing me in an something gorgeous and very fitting for a day of the dead event.



I even got my four-legged human boyfriend to come along!


This is mostly an appreciation post for my horse friends that I’ve met through this blog who keep my spirits up (online and offline) even when riding is on the back burner! Thanks ladies!


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