Transformation Tuesday

Justin is still happily enjoying his holiday this winter. His back shoes have been pulled, his hair is woolly and he’s full time chucked out in a field. I figured I’d check in a show you guys a little backwards transformation, from full fitness to more sedimentary lifestyle.

October 1, 2016


At the start of October I clipped him. He was clean, his mail pulled his tail shaped and he was a muscle man.

December 2016


Only two months later, he’s much rounder. It’s hard to tell where the fat ends and the hair begins. He’s been dedicated to creating a roll spot, and watching it fill with rainwater before proceeding to roll in it is one of his favorite pastimes.

His mane and tail are wild. He has the thickest coat on the entire farm, and he packed on “holiday weight” early this year. In his defense, it will get cold and the little pasture puff pastry will need all the fluff he can get!



Since his small injury popped up on the right hind, I haven’t ridden him at all. It’s been sad for me (Until last week when the temps were in the teens…), but he continues to happily munch away out there with his friend Zulla. He becomes increasingly feral every day, so I can only imagine what our first ride back will be like…. prayers are appreciated in advance.


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