This morning at work I shared a blog post from Daryl Kinney, an upper level rider who trains with Denny Emerson. I don’t know Daryl personally, but her online presence makes her seem so workmanlike and humble, not to mention a damn good rider, so I think we’d get along pretty well. Her blog post was about bravery, here’s a link.

She starts by saying that she’s not brave to which I’m like ???. If she’s not brave, what does that make me?

“Personally, I find that my bravery stems from being educated and prepared. I have also found that the more experience I get, the more brave I become. Also, the more technical skills I acquire, the more confident I am that I can do the job I need to do.”

This to me was a yaasss moment. I wouldn’t consider myself very brave on the spectrum of average horse people. I found bravery with Justin thanks to years of repeated practice, but I still get absurdly nervous leaving the startbox, even when we dropped down to do a Novice.

Schramm Clinic.jpg

Trying to overcome my fear of Prelim height two years ago today, thanks TimeHop. Photo by Bethany Beres. 

Her post really resonated with me. Everything you do with horses is baby steps. You introduce training concepts slowly to make sure they completely understand the basics. It’s the same for confidence. We don’t have to suddenly be brave enough to run around Rolex, but trying to do something that makes you a little nervous every once in a while will start to add up. Her post was a good reminder that by slowly edging out of your comfort zone you can create your own bravery.

“Just because you are not as brave as you want to be, does not mean you won’t get there. If you are willing to be honest with yourself and figure out what makes you nervous, or figure out what specifically makes you confident, then you can work to cultivate your own bravery. Don’t ever think you could never do something that you really want to do, just because the idea of it makes you nervous right now. You can set small goals and with the right help and motivation, eventually you get where you want to go.”

Happy Friday!

10 thoughts on “Bravery

  1. emma says:

    i love this – thanks for sharing! i struggle so much with confidence in riding. but agree completely that it’s the preparation, the practice and the education – all done carefully and thoughtfully – that build up my confidence and bravery. in addition to that, for me, making things that are emotionally challenging to me feel routine and mundane helps a lot too (tho i guess that’s where the ‘practice’ comes in?).

    right now the idea of jumping anything big with my new horse sounds impossible. but slowly but surely we will hopefully keep edging in that direction!

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  2. hellomylivia says:

    Oh wow, I really LOVE this!!! It’s so true- you build confidence at each little step along the way until one day you realize you’re doing something that would’ve terrified you not so long ago. I’ve thought this for a while, but I’ve never heard it worded this way. Makes so much sense!


  3. nadsnovik says:

    I loved her post when I read it and appreciate you blogging about it. She’s definitely one of those riders I feel is “one to watch” and has so much potential. Her post just justified for me what a great horsewoman she is!


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