Fully Feral

Justin has enjoyed an extra long winter holiday this year. After some soundness issues this fall, I opted for the “let’s just throw him out in the field and see what happens” approach. Three months later, he’s completely feral.

Example A: The Running


Saturday when I went to visit the pasture puff, I spent what felt like an eternity trying to catch him. Spoiler alert – I was unsuccessful and gave up after 40+ minutes.

Example B: The Bucking


The plus side of all this is that he was sound! Hallelujah! His feet are also holding up incredibly well since I pulled all four of his shoes. It is a little frustrating to see the “throw him out in the field” approach do much better than the “let’s use a  vet and try alternative therapies” approach, but my bank account on the other hand is very pleased.

After seeing him run around like a maniac, my first thought was obviously, “I should try and ride him tomorrow!” Because the out of work, bucking horse is definitely going to give you a fun, relaxing ride.

So, on Sunday I find a pair of riding pants I squirreled away and I head out to the barn to see this:


The mud was still wet and it was everywhere. Seriously?? The day before I washed loads of saddle pads and I was not about to waste one of this filth, so I opted instead to do some ground work, which was met with a level of sass that I haven’t seen in quite a long time.

I’d say my first ride back on him will be pretty exciting to say the least!



16 thoughts on “Fully Feral

  1. Findingmydistance says:

    Mud horses are the best haha! All summer my guy would find the only mud puddle in the pasture and drop in the middle of it. I would be the last in the ring for lessons because it would take me forever to get him clean again


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