A Whirlwind Weekend in Wellington: Everything Else

When I wasn’t working, I also got to enjoy a taste of the Wellington area last weekend, and let me tell you, it was eye opening! Coming from a background of almost exclusively eventing, I’ve never really experienced anything like this.


Under 25 Grand Prix on Friday at Global 

On Saturday night, a few photographers from the showcase and I went across the street to check out the jumpers. That night they were hosting their Great Charity Challenge and the buzz of the show was electric.


Walking in, my eyeballs were mostly popping out of my head. This equine-infused Disney Land blew my mind.


Carousels, boutiques and bars all surrounding the ring. Everyone around me also seemed well dressed, which highlighted the fact that I had been standing in the sun taking pictures all day.

The next time someone tells me eventers are crazy, I would like to redirect them to this show. People were wearing the wildest, full-body costumes running around and over these jumps as if they’d been set on fire.  It was definitely exciting!


“Wear ears? Sure whatever”

The costumes were so intricate too. I was shocked that so many horses could care less that they had big bird sitting on their back, or Micky Mouse ears on their head. Justin has always been easy going with being dressed up, so I think something like this would be right up his alley.


WEF is a whoooole new wooooorld

I’m still in shock that this is the horse show experience that some people have. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my mom and pop eventing venues. There’s nothing more authentic than doing all three phases on grass and enjoying a day with horses put together by people who truly love the sport, but it would be nice to dip a toe into something like this. I keep saying I will dabble in jumpers one day…






9 thoughts on “A Whirlwind Weekend in Wellington: Everything Else

  1. Emma says:

    In always so amazed by those costume classes. As if the level and jumps weren’t intense enough, these riders come out looking soooo freakin casual about it in their get ups lol. Crazy!

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