First Ride Back…

… didn’t die!

This week was unusually warm. It was in the 70s at the beginning of the week and it snowed yesterday and going back toward 70s this weekend. I knew there could be some antics involved in the first ride back, and I didn’t need something else, like cold or wind fueling the flames, so this was the best case scenario.

I groomed the fluff monster, much to his dismay, and off we went. Boyfriend was kind enough to walk along with us to play eye witness.


It was a short ride, only a 20-minute loop around some back fields. Heading out through the woods was normal, but as soon as we hit an open field all bets were off. Our walk escalated to jigging. Forwards and sideways. It’s kind of like sitting on a ticking time bomb, waiting for catastrophe.

Fortunately, I timed it right so that I stayed in the saddle with only a few brief head flips to let me know his thoughts.


Honestly, his jigging is so funny. I was absolutely thrilled to see that view again, so I smiled through the whole thing. Even through his muscle loss, extra pounds and fluff, he felt athletic and ready to go. My plan for the next few weeks is to continue walking and building up the baseline fitness. We’ll go from there!




12 thoughts on “First Ride Back…

  1. Emma says:

    Ha yay Justin!! That last pic is hilarious bc at first glance he looks so innocent and shaggy. But one close look at his mischievous expression and….. yeeeeahhh haha


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