April Showers bring…

Spring is in full swing here in Middleburg. The days are pleasant and breezy, flowers are blooming and the grass crazy green. This is bad news for pony. This marks the dreaded return of the muzzle.


In Georgia, Justin was on full turn out, got a very healthy amount of feed and hay, and maintaining his weight was easy peasy! But here… the grass is so lush. It comes almost suddenly. One minute everything is fine and the next Justin looks like he’s been inflated! The short of it is, he’s more of a pasture puff than ever before.  So, Hannibal Lecter returns again and he’s pissed.

There are a few stages of emotional distress he experiences. First, disbelief. He stares at me as if to say, ‘mom, how could you do this to me? Please nooooo please no no no.’


Look how cute I am!

Next, he tries to reason with it. He follows me around looking very cute. He lets me pet him and, gasp, cuddle! A good try buddy, but not this time…

Quickly after comes his own version of Prison Break. He tries everything in his power to free himself from the unjust incarceration. After one broken fence board and one successful escape, I think we’re finally on the right track.

Then, he sulks. The first day he had the muzzle on, he hid in his shed all day.

Finally, acceptance. No touchy, no cuddling. After I finally get the thing on him, he immediately books it for wherever is farthest away from me.


This breaks my heart to have to use the muzzle, but he really is enormous. It’s for your own good, buddy! As a side note, the muzzle is red because it’s entirely fuzz-covered. The ‘bucket’ is also fur-lined. Grey ponies rub easily my friends!


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