Proud Friend Post

I wanted to take time to make a post dedicated entirely to Courntey and D’Arcy! I came to watch them at a local show this weekend, and they both kicked bootay! #ProudFriendPost


D’Arcy rode Pony Man in his first show ever. It was a big day of firsts for the little guy… first noseband, first courses and first blue ribbon! He took it all in stride and D’Arcy did an expert job as jockey.


Courtney rode the incredibly sweet Care Bear. A little uncharacteristic bucking had her popped out of the tack in warmvup, but she went on to beast it in the 2’6” divisions, with two very fluid jump rounds. It was so cool to see her keep her wits about her and kick on to ride even better in competition.


Who needs stirrups??

This is merely a post to say, my friends are awesome and I’m super proud of what they accomplished last weekend! Also, I’m super thankful for D’Arcy for bringing mimosas… that is how you horse show!



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