April Updates


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Spring always makes me feel so energized. The realization that I survived another winter coupled with warm weather seems to give me a sense of purpose that I don’t have in the colder months. I’ve decided to capitalize on this, so I’ve been getting the overweight pasture puff back into light work.

Thankfully, I’ve also had someone else to ride with recently. Justin was a bit wild the few times I tried to take him out this winter to the point where he lost any semblance of self preservation, so I decided it wasn’t worth it. But with a buddy, he’s remembered how to be a proper riding pony again.


We’ve also taken a few other steps to improving his feral appearance. He’s now got front shoes back on, fetlock feathers trimmed and mane pulled! Well… half of his mane is pulled (I’m a bad mom with bad time management skills. He’s embarrassed).

After a hack yesterday, I let the hippo celebrate with a splash in the pond. I’m really surprised he didn’t lay down. I guess he only likes to do that with a saddle on!

Last weekend I also scooted up to Fair Hill for the Spring CIC. I’m used to the big CCI in the fall, so it was fun to see the event in a different light.


Sandro’s Star winning his first CIC** with Chris Talley. 

I also recently got a new camera! I was operating a D3300 before. That thing tried it’s little heart out for me, but as I’m becoming more passionate about photography, I wanted something with a little more gusto. Fair Hill was the first event for my new 7200 woohoo! Thanks, tax refund!


8 thoughts on “April Updates

  1. Avery says:

    I have the same feelings as you on winter and spring! Although, we dont get a ‘real’ winter down here. It still feels the same though. No sense of purpose!


  2. Courtney says:

    Your camera is amazing, I want one! Justin is such a character, I hope you get in lots of trail ride on your nice area!

    Also, that horse is like a cousin or something of pony… they are both Sandro lines… If only pony was many hands taller!


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