Life on the Farm

Hey Y’all! It’s been about a month and a half since I move myself and Justin back to Georgia. Right now we’re based at my family’s farm, so I’m glad to say I get to keep Justin “right out my bedroom window.”

My parents recently bought a house and moved to Montana for the summer (Yes, I’m very jealous), so I’ve been keeping up the farm over the summer. It’s pretty low-key with just three horses, two cats and a small army of turtles, but as anyone who’s every owned a farm knows – it will keep you busy!


Cheyenne, Justin, Snowball and Queen Barn Cat, Viola. 

In addition to Justin, my mom has two rescued ponies that live on site. Cheyenne is a one-eyed, Appaloosa-looking thing who has some of the most dysfunctional legs you could imagine, bless her heart. She’s very sweet, but very skittish. Snowball, on the other hand, is 500 pounds of concentrated demon. The poster child for little man syndrome. Her hooves may be small, but they are sharp and mighty painful when she gets you (which she tries to do on a DAILY basis).


Justin and Cheyenne. 

Together, they’re the three stooges. They live out full time with access to stalls with fans. Justin, who is mean as ever, loves picking on his new pony pals. Cheyenne tries to stay on his good side, but Snowball isn’t afraid to give it to him right back.

Then there’s Viola, the barn cat. She rules the roost. This creature has been known to attack you for being late for a feeding, and the horses often run from her.

They keep life on the farm interesting!






10 thoughts on “Life on the Farm

  1. Courtney says:

    Where are the turtle pictures?!!? I assume these are friendly turtles, and not turtles trying to invade the farm?

    It’s lovely your mom took in the two rescues. I’m sure they are so happy to be there, despite the demon tendencies of Snowball.

    I’m so glad all is well!

    Liked by 1 person

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