Summer Woes

When June passed with no word, it seemed as if we were in the clear. “Maybe this year it will be different,” I hummed to myself, oblivious of the difficulties looming closer than I imagined. And then, almost suddenly, it was here – summer itch that is.

This itchiness is one of the biggest drawbacks to living in the south. The humidity invites an attack on the skin of nearly all the horses I know, but for Ginger (mom’s horse and my old competition horse) and Snowball (rescue pony sent from hell) it’s out-of-this-world bad.


Patient A

My vet hasn’t seemed to attribute any particular name to it besides ITCHY. Year after year we hope to try something that fixes this issue, but so far we haven’t been successful. Both the girls are on a steroid supplement plus medicated baths every other day. This manages to relieve some itch, but only slightly.


Ginger, aka Patient A, is the easiest of the two to take care of, despite the fact that she’s about 3x bigger than Snowball, aka Patient B. Patient B is far too busy trying to kick me and bite me to let bath time be even remotely easy.


Patient B

Even though I feel like I live in Satan’s armpit in the summer, I still don’t mind the heat, but it’s the summer skin complications that leave me anxiously awaiting fall…


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