Oh The Places You Will Go: 2017 Edition

Wow! I cannot believe it is November, and the season is coming to a close. This year feels as though it's passed me by in a flash. 2017 was major for me personally and professionally. I left my job with the USEA to take on the big, scary world of freelancing. It was a leap … Continue reading Oh The Places You Will Go: 2017 Edition


Summer Woes

When June passed with no word, it seemed as if we were in the clear. "Maybe this year it will be different," I hummed to myself, oblivious of the difficulties looming closer than I imagined. And then, almost suddenly, it was here - summer itch that is. This itchiness is one of the biggest drawbacks to … Continue reading Summer Woes

Proud Friend Post

I wanted to take time to make a post dedicated entirely to Courntey and D’Arcy! I came to watch them at a local show this weekend, and they both kicked bootay! #ProudFriendPost D’Arcy rode Pony Man in his first show ever. It was a big day of firsts for the little guy… first noseband, first … Continue reading Proud Friend Post