Sunday Funday

I was thrilled this weekend when Courtney asked if I wanted to come on a ride with her at a local park. Having not ridden in quite a few weeks and knowing I have a very wiley pony who will start back under saddle soon, I figured it would be handy to make sure I remember how it’s done.


“I see jumps…”

The park was pretty cool. It is a public park, so there’s soccer fields, basketball courts and a riding arena. I guess that’s what happens when you live near Middleburg. For (what I assume) is minimal maintenance the ring is quite nice. The footing is a bit deep on one edge, but you can generally avoid it. They also have plenty of standards, rails and barrels so you could make a complete course.

I rode Vintage, the best girl! She’s a little motorcycle, ready to rev at a moment’s notice! After warming up a little and some chit chat, we decided to pop over a few things. Courtney and D’Arcy had ridden the girls there the day before too, so we took it pretty easy on them.


Pony Power

Vintage retained her try hard status, leaping over the 2′ gate as if it were made of monsters. She’s so funny, it’s hard not to laugh when she does it. I also was fortunate in that D’Arcy got all the kinks out the day before, because when I rode her she seemed to think those new fences were a walk in the park.

After popping around, we headed out on the trails. They have a few miles of mostly wooden trails, but if you loop around enough different ways you can get a solid ride out of it. Bonus points for the fallen trees giving us a few log jumps!

It was a pretty nice day weather-wise, and the sun was out. Plus, I didn’t fall off!


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